70th Anniversary 2017 in Koncertkirken, Copenhagen.

The 70th Anniversary of the Composer Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm was marked at a Festive Concert June the 24th 2017 in Koncertkirken. The Music of Nordstrøm was performed by musicians from Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen. First Athelas’ String Trio with Quarks (2002). After that Ainola (2014) (Premier) with Anne Søe, violin and Manuel Esperilla, piano. And at last String Quartet no. 7 ((0)) (2017) (Premier) with the entire Athelas String Quartet, Anne Søe, Idinna Lützhøft, Mina Fred and Adam Stadnicki. Before that a Reception were held for de aprox. 100 participants.

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65th Anniversary 2012 in Mariendalskirken, Copenhagen

A concert on the occasion of Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm’s 65th anniversary took place on June the 23rd 2012 in Mariendelskirken, Copenhagen. Pianist, professor Erik Kaltoft premiered “Från havets bibliotek II” for left hand piano and additionally performed “Nuvole Italiane”; Hélène Navasse, Per Dybro Sørensen & Marie Wärme premiered “Lyric Sketches”; Christina Dahl, Hélène Navasse & Anne-Mette Skovbjerg premiered “Finn, again!” with recitation by James Joyce. The concert was attended by around 100 people and was followed by a reception.

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Photos of World Premier of “Stalingrad”

The world premier of Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm’s work “Stalingrad – the place that is not” took place on November the 4th, 2007. The work was composed in 2005 with the support of the Danish Art Council and the world premier took place on a concert arranged by the Silkeborg Art Museum (the largest collection of Asger Jorn’s art) and its director Dorte Kirkeby Andersen. The ensemble Sax & Slagværk (Sax & Percussion), which had commisioned the work, presented the premier which was attended by a large audience. The performance took place in front of Asger Jorn’s painting “Stalingrad” which was created during the years 1957-72 and is one of the most outstanding and noteworthy works in danish art and included in the Danish Culture Canon.

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60th Anniversary 2007 in Rundetårn, Copenhagen

A concert on the occasion of Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm’s 60th anniversary took place on June the 22nd, 2007 in Rundetårn in the centre of Copenhagen. Trio con Brio performed the composers “Following the Wake”, mooseMATRIX presented the world premier of “Infinite Water” for bass clarinet, bassett horn and electronics and mezzo soprano Helene Gjerris presented the world premier of “Cantos al amor” (Songs to love) to poems by Federico García Lorca. Approx. one hundred people attended the concert and participated in the subsequent reception – included the closest family members, a large circle of friends, the closest composer collegues, musicians, personalities in cultural life and other concert-goers.

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