65th Anniversary in Mariendalskirken, Copenhagen - 2012

A concert on the occasion of Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm’s 65th anniversary took place on June the 23rd 2012 in Mariendelskirken, Copenhagen. Pianist, professor Erik Kaltoft premiered “Från havets bibliotek II” for left hand piano and additionally performed “Nuvole Italiane”; Hélène Navasse, Per Dybro Sørensen & Marie Wärme premiered “Lyric Sketches”; Christina Dahl, Hélène Navasse & Anne-Mette Skovbjerg premiered “Finn, again!” with recitation by James Joyce. The concert was attended by around 100 people and was followed by a reception.Photos: Bjarne Malmgren. Last 3 photos by: Carsten Hviid.